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We are a team of professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience in the design and management of companies.

We have a network of specialists in various sectors who can complement our skills where necessary. Our approach is characterized by strong integration with the Client's operational structure.

We have no less than a hundred different achievements and managerial experiences behind us.

We develop services in the following areas:

- Plant design
- Product and process industrialization
- Plant and machinery construction
- Energy management
- Management Consulting



Products Natek srl designs and manufactures:

- Painting systems for liquid and powder paints

- Surface preparation systems for composite materials;

- Clean Room

- Dust extraction systems:
         - Bag filters
         - Cartridge filters

- VOC collection and purification systems

- Soundproofing systems and anechoic chambers

- Stainless steel processing for the food sector, fourth range:
          - Conveyors Product drying tunnel

          - Centrifuges Peelers



We offer a series of services for the industrialization of the product and production with an overall view of the process and its profit. We take care of the detailed design, the issue of specifications for specialist supplies, the definition of the energy balance, the budget of management costs, the start-up and validation phase, construction management and training of line personnel.

A precise design and careful industrialization of the product are fundamental steps to achieve a production that is fast and flexible, ensuring the optimal use of resources, as well as the right price, quality and reliability of the final product. The choices made by considering and analyzing the various variables in the industrialization phase determine the elimination of waste, the prevention of errors, the right synchronism between the level of automation and manual operations of a process as well as constant quality over time.

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