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Differentiate sectors, open up to international scenarios, involve partners of excellence.
CESAF is a strongly structured and constantly growing company that promotes development and expansion processes thanks to a management that is attentive to the dynamics of the international market and new rising opportunities.

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Over time - through our expansion in the West African market - CESAF has become a leader in the export of made in Italy supplies for the realization (also through tenders) of large turnkey works offering experience and quality of the most innovative construction techniques, in both civil and industrial fields.


CESAF is also specialized in the construction of aviation & maritime works.

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The increase in expertise allows Cesaf to transfer constructive and technological expertise in West Africa, activating concrete and advantageous commercial synergies with Italian companies interested in opening up to foreign markets and in particular to the African market.

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Over the years, CESAF has dedicated itself to the world of energy and telecommunications, realizing transceiver and photovoltaic systems and offering a wide range of additional services such as the renegotiation of leases, between telephony operators and third parties, and the site search along with the acquisition service for the realization of future SRBs. A business aimed exclusively at the Italian market, which has reached the highest levels of expansion thanks to relationships with the big players such as Telecom Italia and its group companies, Vodafone Italia, H3G, WIND (now Windtre).

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