ZAURAC TRADING FZC, is a free zone company based in the United Arab Emirates. 

We operate in different fields, supporting our customers with different

services provided by italian companies, such as:

- Automation Systems (Oil & Gas, Infrastructures,    

  Power Plants, etc.)

- Advanced Defense Systems

- Security Systems

- Industrial Paint Facilities (Automotive, Aviation,


- Building Materials (Marble, Stone Products)

- VVIP Aircrafts Interiors

- Advanced I.T. Solutions

We operate in all the GCC countries, such as Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. 

Thanks to our network of connections we can satisfy all of our customers needs in our fields of knowledge.


Fabrizio Ferrazza

Fabrizio is based in Italy, coordinating all our relationships with our partners, and developing all the necessary strategies required.

Marco Sittnig

Marco coordinates our clients relationships in the MENA region, creating new networks of clientele, and bringing our services to the customers.

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