AliPlan is a company born in 2007 to provide services in the aviation field. Our team of professionals is able to support customers from airline start-up processes to full engineering services. We can also supply full CAMO services thanks to our EASA Part M subpart G certification issued by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Certification n° IT.MG.1103).


Aircraft engines are the most expensive equipment fitted on your aircraft, and one of the most important component for the safety of your flights. For this reason they require specific attention and care while the engines are fitted on wings but especially when they are removed for major repairs or for performance restoration. AliPlan can support Operators, Lessors and Engine owners with a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers on work scope definition, MRO selection, shop visit survey and invoice verification, in order to provide its customers with a structured process to keep engine maintenance cost under strict control.


Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM) or Engine Health Monitoring is the fundamental tool to keep controlled the Engine performance and the engine key parameters.

The ECTM is mandated by the Type Certificate Holder and become very useful for all type of engines because it allows to predict some malfunctions or degradations of the engine. The ECTM, properly performed, can avoid major damages of the engine, drastically reducing the maintenance activity costs.

In order to supply you with the right trend monitoring interpretation, AliPlan offers you the most qualified engineers and the best software for engine data analysis.


AliPlan is able to support you with dedicated and experienced personnel carrying out:

• Aircraft delivery or redelivery conditions,  

   analysis and verification;

• Tailored work pack preparation or review in

   accordance with contractual conditions;

• Aircraft physical inspections (aircraft pre-buy

   or pre-lease inspections);

• Technical records review, organization and


• MRO selection and contracting;

• Spare part identification and ordering;

• Pre ARC issue/renewal technical records



The Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) is a document required by many Regulatory Authorities, among which EASA too, which is necessary to allow the aircraft to operate within their jurisdiction.


AliPlan is able to support you with dedicated and experienced personnel carrying out a comprehensive Airworthiness Management Service, including:


• ARC initial issue;

• ARC renewal;

• Airworthiness review of the aircraft;

• Airworthiness review of the complement of

   aircraft technical records;

• Production of airworthiness review reports;

• Report submission to EASA and follow up

   until ARC issue;

• EASA requirements for the issue of an

   Airworthiness Review Certificate;


AliPlan is able to help Airlines and MRO in managing Aviation Quality Audit Services by targeting the audit services provided, to meet the authority requirements, but also to improve its customers business efficiency.


With its dedicated and experienced personnel, AliPlan  offers you several Audit Services, including:


• Safety Management System Audits;

• EASA Part M Compliance;

• EASA 145 Organisation Audit;

• Aircraft Compliance and Conformity Audit;

• Operator Compliance with EU ORA;

• IATA Operational Standard Support and



AliPlan can support Commercial Air Transportation (CAT) Operators that hold their AOC in multiple ways. The main services we can offer you are the following:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Program Development;

  • AD/SB Assessment and Implementation management Maintenance Planning;

  • Technical Record Management;

  • Defect records and rectification;

  • Aircraft Flight hours records;

  • Modification Implementation (i.a.w SB/STC/DOA mod etc.);

  • Repair approval process follow-up;

  • Damage history review and records;

  • ARC privilege extension (forecasted by the 1st quarter of year 2017;


The software we use to manage the airworthiness is OASES®, through which our customers can have at any time full visibility of the complete technical status of the aircraft.


As airlines know, an aircraft grounded involves a huge loss, for this reasonAliPlan offers you its services to overcome this problem. When direct maintenance activity is not possible, the aircraft needs to be transferred to a different location without having all airworthiness requirements fulfilled. In this case the flight is allowed only if specific technical requirements and flight conditions are satisfied, in order for the State of Registry Authority to issue a necessary approved Permit to Fly.


AliPlan can support you to obtain this Permit to Fly, managing the administrative and technical procedures and the communications between Aircraft and/or Engines Manufacturer and the Competent Authority.




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